LCBS Dhaka

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NameCourseDurationBatchIssue DateCertificate ID
Ahad MiahAhad Miah“Tally ERP 9 for Accounting, Inventory & Payroll Management”16 Hour18th02-May-24TP20240320/18/3
Ayesha SiddiquaAyesha Siddiqua“Tally ERP 9 for Accounting, Inventory & Payroll Management”16 Hour18th02-May-24TP20240320/18/1
Kh. Rahat MorshedKh. Rahat Morshed“Tally ERP 9 for Accounting, Inventory & Payroll Management”16 Hour18th02-May-24TP20240320/18/2
Md. Ali AhsanMd. Ali Ahsan“Tally ERP 9 for Accounting, Inventory & Payroll Management”16 Hour18th02-May-24TP20240320/18/5
Md. Ariful IslamMd. Ariful Islam“Tally ERP 9 for Accounting, Inventory & Payroll Management”16 Hour18th02-May-24TP20240320/18/4
Md. Enamul SheikhMd. Enamul Sheikh“Tally ERP 9 for Accounting, Inventory & Payroll Management”16 Hour18th02-May-24TP20240320/18/8
Md. Shahed Alam EmonMd. Shahed Alam Emon“Tally ERP 9 for Accounting, Inventory & Payroll Management”16 Hour18th02-May-24TP20240320/18/6
Mohsina Musfiqa QurisheMohsina Musfiqa Qurishe“Tally ERP 9 for Accounting, Inventory & Payroll Management”16 Hour18th02-May-24TP20240320/18/7
Syed Anamul HaqueSyed Anamul Haque"Certified Information Systems Auditor (CISA)"35 Hour6th05-May-24CISA20243004/06/1
Azizur RahmanAzizur Rahman"Certified Information Systems Auditor (CISA)"35 Hour6th05-May-24CISA20243004/06/2
Sirajul Islam ParagSirajul Islam Parag"Certified Information Systems Auditor (CISA)"35 Hour6th05-May-24CISA20243004/06/3
Udoy Raj GhoshUdoy Raj Ghosh"Certified Information Systems Auditor (CISA)"35 Hour6th05-May-24CISA20243004/06/4
Sourav DebnathSourav Debnath"Certified Information Systems Auditor (CISA)"35 Hour6th05-May-24CISA20243004/06/5
Mizanur RahmanMizanur Rahman"Certified Information Systems Auditor (CISA)"35 Hour6th05-May-24CISA20243004/06/6
Abu Kausar Md Arifur RahmanAbu Kausar Md Arifur Rahman"Certified Information Systems Auditor (CISA)"35 Hour6th05-May-24CISA20243004/06/7
Md Majibur RahmanMd Majibur Rahman"Certified Information Systems Auditor (CISA)"35 Hour6th05-May-24CISA20243004/06/8
A F M ArafatuzzamanA F M Arafatuzzaman“Financial Modeling & Feasibility Study Of Projects”10 Days (15 Hours)0530-Jun-2120210205-3006-05-07
Ehsanul KabirEhsanul Kabir“Financial Modeling & Feasibility Study Of Projects”10 days (15 hours)0530-Jun-2120210205-3006-05-04
Kyakyashai MarmaKyakyashai Marma“Financial Modeling & Feasibility Study Of Projects”10 days (15 hours)0530-Jun-2120210205-3006-05-03
Md. Sharafat AliMd. Sharafat Ali“Financial Modeling & Feasibility Study Of Projects”10 days (15 hours)0530-Jun-2120210205-3006-05-05
Mohammad Asrafur RahmanMohammad Asrafur Rahman“Financial Modeling & Feasibility Study Of Projects”10 days (15 hours)0530-Jun-2120210205-3006-05-06
Pradip Kumar BiswasPradip Kumar Biswas“Financial Modeling & Feasibility Study Of Projects”10 days (15 hours)0530-Jun-2120210205-3006-05-02
S. M. Zubayer RahmanS. M. Zubayer Rahman“Financial Modeling & Feasibility Study Of Projects”10 days (15 hours)0530-Jun-2120210205-3006-05-01
Abdullah Al NumanAbdullah Al Numan“Procurement & Supply Chain Management”08 days (12 hours)0224-Jul-2120211206-2407-02-02
Kazi Mohammed Shahzada RiponKazi Mohammed Shahzada Ripon“Procurement & Supply Chain Management”08 days (12 hours)0224-Jul-2120211206-2407-02-07
Md. Al-ImranMd. Al-Imran“Procurement & Supply Chain Management”08 days (12 hours)0224-Jul-2120211206-2407-02-09
Md. Lutfor RahmanMd. Lutfor Rahman“Procurement & Supply Chain Management”08 days (12 hours)0224-Jul-2120211206-2407-02-03
Miftahul JannatMiftahul Jannat“Procurement & Supply Chain Management”08 days (12 hours)0224-Jul-2120211206-2407-02-06
Muhammad Sanaul Haque ChowdhuryMuhammad Sanaul Haque Chowdhury“Procurement & Supply Chain Management”08 days (12 hours)0224-Jul-2120211206-2407-02-04
Niladree NiloyNiladree Niloy“Procurement & Supply Chain Management”08 days (12 hours)0224-Jul-2120211206-2407-02-08
Shahin HossainShahin Hossain“Procurement & Supply Chain Management”08 days (12 hours)0224-Jul-2120211206-2407-02-05
Takibul Hasan BejoyTakibul Hasan Bejoy“Procurement & Supply Chain Management”08 days (12 hours)0224-Jul-2120211206-2407-02-01
MaksudMd Maksud Islam"Tally Prime Certification"7 days (21 hours)0516-Jul-2120210530
Md Baharul Islam Tally Certificate 1Md Baharul Islam“Tally Prime Certification “7 days (21 hours)0516-Jul-21202105301
Shuaibur Rahman Tally Certificate.1Shuaibur Rahman“Tally Prime Certification “7 days (21 hours)0516-Jul-21202105302
Sharqa Akbar CertificateSharqa Akbar“VAT And TAX Management“8 days (20 hours)0531-Dec-2120210539
Sakib certificateSakib Ahmed“Tally Prime Certification"7 days (21 hours)5th16-Jul-2120210550
Ashiq certificateMohammad Ashrafuzzaman Ashiq"Tally Prime Certification “7 days (21 hours)5th16-Jul-2120210540
Abdullah vatMd Abdullah Khan“Vat And Tax Management“8 days (16 hours)1st18-Sep-212021070004
Abdullah taxMd Abdullah Khan“VAT And Tax Management “8 days (16 hours)1st18-Sep-212021070004
Abu Obaida taxAbu Obaida Sagor Acga“VAT And Tax Management “8 days (16 hours)1st18-Sep-212021070011
Anisuzzaman taxSayed Mohammad Anisuzzaman“VAT And Tax Management “8 days (16 hours)1st18-Sep-212021070002
Arif taxMd Arif Hossain“VAT And Tax Management “8 days (16 hours)1st18-Sep-212021070018
Hasib taxMd Hasib Khan Chowdhury“VAT And Tax Management “8 days (16 hours)1st18-Sep-212021070019
Ignetius taxEmil Ignetius Mankhin“VAT And Tax Management “8 days (16 hours)1st18-Sep-212021070013
Jafar taxJafar Ahammed Chowdhury“VAT And TAX Management “8 days (16 hours)1st18-Sep-212021070003
Jubayer taxMohammad Jubayer Hassan Tamim“VAT And Tax Management “8 days (16 hours)1st18-Sep-212021070014
Kyakyashai taxKyakyashai Marma“VAT And Tax Management “8 days (16 hours)1st18-Sep-212021070017
Manik taxMd Manik Mia“VAT And Tax Management “8 days (16 hours)1st18-Sep-212021070005
Rasel taxMd Rasel Miah“VAT And Tax Management “8 days (16 hours)1st18-Sep-212021070001
Razib taxRazib Biswas“VAT And Tax Management “8 days (16 hours)1st18-Sep-212021070006
Saba taxAl Saba Bin Haque Mehdi“VAT And Tax Management “8 days (16 hours)1st18-Sep-212021070010
Shafiqul taxMd Shafiqul Islam“VAT And Tax Management “8 days (16 hours)1st18-Sep-212021070007
Shahidul taxMd Shahidul Islam“VAT And Tax Management “8 days (16 hours)1st18-Sep-212021070015
Sultan taxMd tipuSultan“VAT And TAX Management “8 days (16 hours)1st18-Sep-212021070008
Tamim taxS.M. Tamim Hossain“VAT And Tax Management “8 days (16 hours)1st18-Sep-212021070012
Tuhidujjaman taxMd Tuhidujjaman“VAT And Tax Management “8 days (16 hours)1st18-Sep-212021070016
Aditi Biswas tallyAditi Biswas“Tally Prime Certification “7 days (21 hours)5th16-Jul-21202100530
Aditi Biswas quickbooksAditi Biswas“Accounts Management System QuickBooks“7 days (21 hours)5th16-Jul-21202101530
Tasnim (2)-1Zarin Tasnim“QuickBooks Certification “6 days (18 hours)5th16-May-21202105303
Hossam 4Hossam Mohammad ShahedProfessional Digital Marketing Certification16 days (32 hours)10-Oct-21202107001301
Christofer Somit MarandiChristofer Somit Marandi“Tally Prime Certification"7 days (21 hours)9th08-Oct-21LCBS2021C03
Ishtiaque ChowdhuryIshtiaque Chowdhury“Tally Prime Certification“7 days (21 hours)9th08-Oct-21LCBS2021C01
Sumaya Benta ZaforSumaya Benta Zafor“Tally Prime Certification“7 days (21 hours)9th08-Oct-21LCBS2021C02
Md. Tareque Be-NazeerMd. Tareque Be-Nazeer“Tally Prime Certification“7 days (21 hours)9th08-Oct-21LCBS2021C04
Sanzida al-azamSanzida Al-Azam“Tally Prime Certification“10 days (30 hours)9th29-Oct-21LCBS2021C05
Shahadat HossainShahadat Hossain“Tally Prime Certification“10 days (30 hours)9th29-Oct-21LCBS2021C06
Subrata Dhali ApuSubrata Dhali Apu“Tally Prime Certification“7 days (21 hours)9th08-Oct-21LCBS2021C07
Aminul IslamAminul Islam“Professional Digital Marketing Certification “18 days (36 hours)9th27-Nov-21LCBS2021C08
Arghya SahaArghya Saha“Professional Digital Marketing Certification”18 days (36 hours)9th27-Nov-21LCBS2021C11
Mina KhanamMina Khanam“Professional Digital Marketing Certification”18 days (36 hours)9th27-Nov-21LCBS2021C10
Mir Masud HasanMir Masud Hasan“Professional Digital Marketing Certification”18 days (36 hours)9th27-Nov-21LCBS2021C09
Kanan BiswasKanan Biswas“Professional Digital Marketing Certification”18 days (36 hours)9th27-Nov-21LCBS2021C12
Ashikur RahmanAshikur Rahman“Professional Digital Marketing Certification”18 days (36 hours)9th27-Nov-21LCBS2021C13
Abu DanielAbu Daniel Md. Laohim Mahfuz“Professional Digital Marketing Certification”18 days (36 hours)9th27-Nov-21LCBS2021C17
Enamul HaqueEnamul Haque“Tally Prime Certification”10 days (20 hours)10th08-Dec-21LCBS2021C14
Atikur Rahman RanaAtikur Rahman Rana“Tally Prime Certification”10 days (20 hours)10th08-Dec-21LCBS2021C16
Asma-ul-husnaAsma-Ul-Husna“Tally Prime Certification”10 days (20 hours)10th08-Dec-21LCBS2021C15
Md Belayet HossainMd Belayet Hossain“Tally Prime Certification”10 days (20 hours)10th08-Dec-21LCBS2021C18
Md Aminul IslamMd Aminul Islam“Accounts Management System (QuickBooks) Certification”6 days (18 hours)5th17-Dec-21LCBS2021C19
Md. Nomanur RahmanMd. Nomanur Rahman“Accounts Management System (QuickBooks) Certification”6 days (18 hours)6th17-Dec-21LCBS2021C22
Abdullah Md HasibAbdullah Md Hasib“Accounts Management System (QuickBooks) Certification”6 days (18 hours)6th17-Dec-21LCBS2021C24
Md.Abdur RoufMd. Abdur Rouf“Accounts Management System (QuickBooks) Certification”6 days (18 hours)5th17-Dec-21LCBS2021C21
AL MamunAL Mamun“Accounts Management System (QuickBooks) Certification”6 days (18 hours)5th17-Dec-21LCBS2021C20
RAIHANA YESMINRaihana Yesmin“Accounts Management System (QuickBooks) Certification”6 days (18 hours)6th17-Dec-21LCBS2021C23
Jakia SultanaJakia Sultana“Accounts Management System (QuickBooks) Certification”6 days (18 hours)5th17-Dec-21LCBS2021C25
Anisul HaqueAnisul Haque“Accounts Management System (QuickBooks) Certification”6 days (18 hours)5th17-Dec-21LCBS2021C26
MD. SAKEB HOSSAINMd. Sakeb Hossain6 days (18 hours)“Accounts Management System (QuickBooks) Certification”6th17-Dec-21LCBS2021C28
Md Abdur RobMd Abdur Rob“Accounts Management System (QuickBooks) Certification”6 days (18 hours)6th17-Dec-21LCBS2021C27
montasirMd Abdullah Al Montaser“Financial Modeling and Feasibility Study of the Project“10 days (21 hours)18-Nov-2120211025
Md. Abdul Moin-1Md. Abdul Moin“Certified Documentary Credit Specialist (CDCS)”72 hours4th17-Mar-2220220530
Israt Jahan-1Israt Jahan“Tally ERP 9 for Accounting, Inventory & Payroll Management”18 hours1227-May-2220220622/TallyERP9/05-04
Md. Taufiqul Islam-1Md. Taufiqul Islam“Tally ERP 9 for Accounting, Inventory & Payroll Management”18 hours1227-May-2220220622/TallyERP9/05-05
Md. Taufiqul Islam-1Anamul Karim Mazumder“Tally ERP 9 for Accounting, Inventory & Payroll Management”18 hours1227-May-2220220622/TallyERP9/05-03
Khodeza Akter-1Khodeza Akter“Tally ERP 9 for Accounting, Inventory & Payroll Management”18 hours1227-May-2220220622/TallyERP9/05-01
Md. Kamal Hossain-1Md. Kamal Hossain“Tally ERP 9 for Accounting, Inventory & Payroll Management”18 hours1227-May-2220220622/TallyERP9/05-02
Mahamudul Hasan Md. Masud-1Mahamudul Hasan Md. Masud“Accounts Management System (QuickBooks)”18 hours803-Jul-2220220622/QuickBooks09-06
Md. Golam Mortuza-1Md. Golam Mortuza“Accounts Management System (QuickBooks)”18 hours803-Jul-2220220622/QuickBooks09-09
Israt Jahan-1Israt Jahan“Accounts Management System (QuickBooks)”18 hours803-Jul-2220220622/QuickBooks09-08
Md. Ahsan Habib Nishat-1Md. Ahsan Habib Nishat“Accounts Management System (QuickBooks)”18 hours803-Jul-2220220622/QuickBooks09-04
Md. Hasib Mahbub Jayeem-1Md. Hasib Mahbub Jayeem“Accounts Management System (QuickBooks)”18 hours803-Jul-2220220622/QuickBooks09-07
Md. Mahmudul Hasan-1Md. Mahmudul Hasan“Accounts Management System (QuickBooks)”18 hours803-Jul-2220220622/QuickBooks09-05
Md. Masudar Rahman-1Md. Masudar Rahman“Accounts Management System (QuickBooks)”18 hours803-Jul-2220220622/QuickBooks09-02
Tasnuba Alam Natasha-1Tasnuba Alam Natasha“Accounts Management System (QuickBooks)”18 hours803-Jul-2220220622/QuickBooks09-01
Usha Ranjan Debnath-1Usha Ranjan Debnath“Accounts Management System (QuickBooks)”18 hours803-Jul-2220220622/QuickBooks09-03
md rezaul karim..-1MD. REZAUL KARIM“Certified Anti Money Laundering Specialist (CAMS)“16 days (48 hours)05-Aug-222022087
Rezaul Cert HRMMD. REZAUL KARIMHuman Resources Management12 days (36 hours)17-Apr-2120213132
HARUN OR RASHID...-1HARUN OR RASHID“VAT And Tax Management Training”60 hours8th03-Sep-2220220925012
Md. Mukhlesur Rahman 1.Md. Mukhlesur Rahman“VAT & Tax Management Training”60 hours9th05-Nov-22202209250140
Arup TajuArup TajuAccounts Management System (QuickBooks)21 Hours12th11-Mar-2320230325/9-11
Ayan DewanAyan DewanAccounts Management System (QuickBooks)21 Hours12th11-Mar-2320230325/7-11
Forhad AhmedForhad AhmedAccounts Management System (QuickBooks)21 Hours12th11-Mar-2320230325/5-11
Md. Al AminMd. AL-AminAccounts Management System (QuickBooks)21 Hours12th11-Mar-2320230325/6-11
Md. AsaduzzamanMd. AsaduzzamanAccounts Management System (QuickBooks)21 Hours12th11-Mar-2320230325/11-11
Md. Forid HossainMd. Forid HossainAccounts Management System (QuickBooks)21 Hours12th11-Mar-2320230325/4-11
Md. Ruhul AminMd. Ruhul AminAccounts Management System (QuickBooks)21 Hours12th11-Mar-2320230325/3-11
Md. Samiul HoqueMd. Samiul HoqueAccounts Management System (QuickBooks)21 Hours12th11-Mar-2320230325/8-11
Mohammad Mayeedur RahmanMohammad Mayeedur RahmanAccounts Management System (QuickBooks)21 Hours12th11-Mar-2320230325/1-11
Sayid Mohammad Omar SharifSayid Mohammad Omar SharifAccounts Management System (QuickBooks)21 Hours12th11-Mar-2320230325/2-11
Mohammed Sajedul Islam KhanMohammed Sajedul Islam KhanAccounts Management System (QuickBooks)21 Hours12th11-Mar-2320230325/10-11
Mahbubur RahmanMahbubur RahmanTally ERP 9 for Accounting, Inventory & Payroll Management21 Hours15th03-Mar-2320230325/2-9
Itmam MahmudItmam MahmudTally ERP 9 for Accounting, Inventory & Payroll Management21 Hours15th03-Mar-2320230325/6-9
Mahmood MahdiMahmood MahdiTally ERP 9 for Accounting, Inventory & Payroll Management21 Hours15th03-Mar-2320230325/3-9
Md. Al- Amin HossainMd. Al-Amin HossainTally ERP 9 for Accounting, Inventory & Payroll Management21 Hours15th03-Mar-2320230325/8-9
Md. Imtiazur Rahman MunshiMd. Imtiazur Rahman MunshiTally ERP 9 for Accounting, Inventory & Payroll Management21 Hours15th03-Mar-2320230325/4-9
Moonmoon RahmanMoonmoon RahmanTally ERP 9 for Accounting, Inventory & Payroll Management21 Hours15th03-Mar-2320230325/7-9
Rubyat HassanRubyat HassanTally ERP 9 for Accounting, Inventory & Payroll Management21 Hours15th03-Mar-2320230325/9-9
Saiful Mahmood RusselSaiful Mahmood RusselTally ERP 9 for Accounting, Inventory & Payroll Management21 Hours15th03-Mar-2320230325/5-9
Tahmina SultanaTahmina SultanaTally ERP 9 for Accounting, Inventory & Payroll Management21 Hours15th03-Mar-2320230325/2-9
Abdullah Al Noman 1Abdullah Al NomanVAT & Tax Management60 hours10th Batch10-Feb-2320230203
Imran Majhary 1IMRAN MAJHARYVAT & Tax Management60 hours10th Batch10-Feb-2320230203
MD FARJU ISLAM 1 (1)MD FARJU ISLAMVAT & Tax Management60 hours10th Batch10-Feb-2320230202
MD.Shakir ul haque 1 (2)MD.Shakir ul haqueVAT & Tax Management60 hours10th Batch10-Feb-2320230201
Mehedi Hasan 1MEHEDI HASANVAT & Tax Management60 hours10th Batch10-Feb-2320230204
Shahadat Hossain Rasel 1Shahadat Hossain RaselVAT & Tax Management60 hours10th Batch10-Feb-2320230209
Sultan Mahmud 1Sultan MahmudVAT & Tax Management60 hours10th Batch10-Feb-2320230207
Utpal Kumar Hore 1Utpal Kumar HoreVAT & Tax Management60 hours10th Batch10-Feb-2320230208
Ahmed UllahAhmed UllahFinancial Modeling and Feasibility Study of Projects20 hours01-Jul-23FMFS20232007/08/12
Aminur RahmanAminur RahmanFinancial Modeling and Feasibility Study of Projects20 hours01-Jul-23FMFS20232007/08/2
Amit DasAmit DasFinancial Modeling and Feasibility Study of Projects20 hours01-Jul-23FMFS20232007/08/1
Debabrata KarmokarDebabrata KarmokarFinancial Modeling and Feasibility Study of Projects20 hours01-Jul-23FMFS20232007/08/4
Md. Khalid HasanMd. Khalid HasanFinancial Modeling and Feasibility Study of Projects20 hours01-Jul-23FMFS20232007/08/7
Md. Mostafizur Rahman SherazeeMohammad Mostafizur Rahman SherazeeFinancial Modeling and Feasibility Study of Projects20 hours01-Jul-23FMFS20232007/08/11
Md. Rajibul HoqueMd. Rajibul HoqueFinancial Modeling and Feasibility Study of Projects20 hours01-Jul-23FMFS20232007/08/8
Md. Rezwanul IslamMd. Rezwanul IslamFinancial Modeling and Feasibility Study of Projects20 hours01-Jul-23FMFS20232007/08/3
Md. Showkat AliMd. Showkat AliFinancial Modeling and Feasibility Study of Projects20 hours01-Jul-23FMFS20232007/08/9
Mosammot Tahmina Akter BhuiyanMosammet Tahmina Akter BhuiyanFinancial Modeling and Feasibility Study of Projects20 hours01-Jul-23FMFS20232007/08/10
Shahnoor AlamShahnoor AlamFinancial Modeling and Feasibility Study of Projects20 hours01-Jul-23FMFS20232007/08/5
Zaki Istiaque HussainZaki Ishtiaque HussainFinancial Modeling and Feasibility Study of Projects20 hours01-Jul-23FMFS20232007/08/6
Abdullah AfnanAbdullah AfnanTally ERP 9 for Accounting, Inventory & Payroll Management21 hours16th23-Jul-23TP20231807/16/8
Adnan Rabby RajinAdnan Rabby RajinTally ERP 9 for Accounting, Inventory & Payroll Management21 hours16th23-Jul-23TP20231807/16/11
Afia Masuda NishatAfia Masuda NishatTally ERP 9 for Accounting, Inventory & Payroll Management21 hours16th23-Jul-23TP20231807/16/6
Al Mamun AkondAl Mamun AkondTally ERP 9 for Accounting, Inventory & Payroll Management21 hours16th23-Jul-23TP20231807/16/14
Istiyaq Ahmed RafiIstiyaq Ahmed RafiTally ERP 9 for Accounting, Inventory & Payroll Management21 hours16th23-Jul-23TP20231807/16/12
Md. Abid HasanMd. Abid HasanTally ERP 9 for Accounting, Inventory & Payroll Management21 hours16th23-Jul-23TP20231807/16/15
Md. Nazmul Hassan SharkarMd. Nazmul Hassan SharkarTally ERP 9 for Accounting, Inventory & Payroll Management21 hours16th23-Jul-23TP20231807/16/13
Md.Kabir HossainMd. Kabir HossainTally ERP 9 for Accounting, Inventory & Payroll Management21 hours16th23-Jul-23TP20231807/16/9
Md.Mahafujar RahmanMd. Mahafujar RahmanTally ERP 9 for Accounting, Inventory & Payroll Management21 hours16th23-Jul-23TP20231807/16/3
Md.SuruzzamanMd. SuruzzamanTally ERP 9 for Accounting, Inventory & Payroll Management21 hours16th23-Jul-23TP20231807/16/5
Muhammad AnikMuhammad AnikTally ERP 9 for Accounting, Inventory & Payroll Management21 hours16th23-Jul-23TP20231807/16/1
Musa TasnimMusa TasnimTally ERP 9 for Accounting, Inventory & Payroll Management21 hours16th23-Jul-23TP20231807/16/10
Raihan HossainRaihan HossainTally ERP 9 for Accounting, Inventory & Payroll Management21 hours16th23-Jul-23TP20231807/16/16
Raihan Mas-ud ChyRaihan Mas-ud ChyTally ERP 9 for Accounting, Inventory & Payroll Management21 hours16th23-Jul-23TP20231807/16/2
Sakib MostafaSakib MostafaTally ERP 9 for Accounting, Inventory & Payroll Management21 hours16th23-Jul-23TP20231807/16/7
Shaokat AkberShaokat AkberTally ERP 9 for Accounting, Inventory & Payroll Management21 hours16th23-Jul-23TP20231807/16/4
Abu Salah Mohammad Aminur RahmanAbu Salah Mohammad Aminur Rahman"International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS)"30 hours01-Aug-23IFRS20230108/01/7
Kaywing ThawiKaywing Thawi"International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS)"30 hours01-Aug-23IFRS20230108/01/5
Md Wahidul IslamMd Wahidul Islam"International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS)"30 hours01-Aug-23IFRS20230108/01/10
Md. Abu SaedMd. Abu Saed"International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS)"30 hours01-Aug-23IFRS20230108/01/4
Md. Abu SyedMd. Abu Syed"International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS)"30 hours01-Aug-23IFRS20230108/01/6
MD. Rahmat UllahMD. Rahmat Ullah"International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS)"30 hours01-Aug-23IFRS20230108/01/11
Md. Showkat AliMd. Showkat Ali"International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS)"30 hours01-Aug-23IFRS20230108/01/3
Peter SarkarPeter Sarkar"International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS)"30 hours01-Aug-23IFRS20230108/01/9
S. M. Faizul HaqueS. M. Faizul Haque"International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS)"30 hours01-Aug-23IFRS20230108/01/2
Samir IqbalSamir Iqbal"International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS)"30 hours01-Aug-23IFRS20230108/01/1
Tanbiar HussainTanbiar Hussain"International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS)"30 hours01-Aug-23IFRS20230108/01/8
Dilip Kumar RoyDilip Kumar Roy"Certified Information Systems Auditor (CISA)"35 hours01-Jul-23CISA20233107/05/1
Anisur Rab ChoudhuryAnisur Rab Choudhury"Advance Excel & PowerPoint"30 hours1st01-Oct-23AExP2310/30-01(1)
Istake AhmedIstake Ahmed"Advance Excel & PowerPoint"30 hours1st01-Oct-23AExP2310/30-16(1)
Md Abdul LatifMd Abdul Latif"Advance Excel & PowerPoint"30 hours1st01-Oct-23AExP2310/30-12(1)
Md. Abul HossainMd. Abul Hossain"Advance Excel & PowerPoint"30 hours1st01-Oct-23AExP2310/30-02(1)
Md. Arafat HosenMd. Arafat Hosen"Advance Excel & PowerPoint"30 hours1st01-Oct-23AExP2310/30-09(1)
Md. Asaur RahmanMd. Asaur Rahman"Advance Excel & PowerPoint"30 hours1st01-Oct-23AExP2310/30-03(1)
Md. Mustafa KamalMd. Mustafa Kamal"Advance Excel & PowerPoint"30 hours1st01-Oct-23AExP2310/30-07(1)
Md. Towfiqul IslamMd. Towfiqul Islam"Advance Excel & PowerPoint"30 hours1st01-Oct-23AExP2310/30-13(1)
Mohammad Inam Uddin ChowdhuryMohammad Inam Uddin Chowdhury"Advance Excel & PowerPoint"30 hours1st01-Oct-23AExP2310/30-05(1)
Salim AhmedSalim Ahmed"Advance Excel & PowerPoint"30 hours1st01-Oct-23AExP2310/30-11(1)
Sanjoy Kumar SahaSanjoy Kumar Saha"Advance Excel & PowerPoint"30 hours1st01-Oct-23AExP2310/30-15(1)
Shahenoor AkterShahenoor Akter"Advance Excel & PowerPoint"30 hours1st01-Oct-23AExP2310/30-08(1)
Suman Kumar GhoshSuman Kumar Ghosh"Advance Excel & PowerPoint"30 hours1st01-Oct-23AExP2310/30-06(1)
Suman Kumar GhoshSushanta Kumar Roy"Advance Excel & PowerPoint"30 hours1st01-Oct-23AExP2310/30-14(1)
Syed Anisul HudaSyed Anisul Huda"Advance Excel & PowerPoint"30 hours1st01-Oct-23AExP2310/30-10(1)
Tauhida Binte HalimTauhida Binte Halim"Advance Excel & PowerPoint"30 hours1st01-Oct-23AExP2310/30-04(1)
A.T.M. Moinuddin MazumderA.T.M. Moinuddin Mazumder"Six Thinking Hats"March 202405-Mar-24STH20240301/01/1
Md. Shahinur AlamMd. Shahinur Alam"Six Thinking Hats"March 202405-Mar-24STH20240301/01/2
Md. Noora AlamMd. Noora Alam"Six Thinking Hats"March 202405-Mar-24STH20240301/01/3
Mohammed Majharul IslamMohammed Majharul Islam"Six Thinking Hats"March 202405-Mar-24STH20240301/01/4
Gazi Abdul HannanGazi Abdul Hannan"Six Thinking Hats"March 202405-Mar-24STH20240301/01/5
Md. Zafar AbedinMd. Zafar Abedin"Six Thinking Hats"March 202405-Mar-24STH20240301/01/6
Md. Tariqul IslamMd. Tariqul Islam"Six Thinking Hats"March 202405-Mar-24STH20240301/01/7
Mohammad Moksed AliMohammad Moksed Ali"Six Thinking Hats"March 202405-Mar-24STH20240301/01/8
Mohammad Murshedul Alam MiahMohammad Murshedul Alam Miah"Six Thinking Hats"March 202405-Mar-24STH20240301/01/9
Shimul Kumar GhoshShimul Kumar Ghosh"Six Thinking Hats"March 202405-Mar-24STH20240301/01/10
Mehedi HasanMehedi Hasan"Six Thinking Hats"March 202405-Mar-24STH20240301/01/11
Md. ShaheduzzamanMd. Shaheduzzaman"Six Thinking Hats"March 202405-Mar-24STH20240301/01/12
Md. Jabed IqbalMd. Jabed Iqbal"Six Thinking Hats"March 202405-Mar-24STH20240301/01/13
Md. Forhad Hossain MollahMd. Forhad Hossain Mollah"Six Thinking Hats"March 202405-Mar-24STH20240301/01/14
Md. Akhter HossainMd. Akhter Hossain"Six Thinking Hats"March 202405-Mar-24STH20240301/01/15
Md. Sarwar JahanMd. Sarwar Jahan"Six Thinking Hats"March 202405-Mar-24STH20240301/01/16
FakhruzzamanFakhruzzaman"Six Thinking Hats"March 202405-Mar-24STH20240301/01/17
Mohammad Abul KhairMohammad Abul Khair"Six Thinking Hats"March 202405-Mar-24 STH20240301/01/18
Aupu Chandra DasAupu Chandra Das"Six Thinking Hats"March 202405-Mar-24STH20240301/01/19
Md. Zillur RahmanMd. Zillur Rahman"Six Thinking Hats"March 202405-Mar-24STH20240301/01/20
Md. Tarikul IslamMd. Tarikul Islam"Six Thinking Hats"March 202405-Mar-24STH20240301/01/21
Md. Al MamunMd. Al Mamun"Six Thinking Hats"March 202405-Mar-24STH20240301/01/22
Md. Salim HossainMd. Salim Hossain"Six Thinking Hats"March 202405-Mar-24STH20240301/01/23
Md. Atikur RahmanMd. Atikur Rahman"Six Thinking Hats"March 202405-Mar-24STH20240301/01/24
Sunny KarmakerSunny Karmaker"Six Thinking Hats"March 202405-Mar-24STH20240301/01/25
Md. MoniruzzamanMd. Moniruzzaman"Six Thinking Hats"March 202405-Mar-24STH20240301/01/26
Md. Zillur Rahman (2)Md. Zillur Rahman"Six Thinking Hats"March 202405-Mar-24STH20240301/01/27
Jannatul Ferdous ElaJannatul Ferdous Ela"Skills for English"February 20241st Batch28-Feb-24RRFS20240208/01/1
Rabeya KhatunRabeya Khatun"Skills for English"February 20241st Batch28-Feb-24RRFS20240208/01/2
Nadiya Islam TonnyNadiya Islam Tonny"Skills for English"February 20241st Batch28-Feb-24RRFS20240208/01/3
Sharmin KhatunSharmin Khatun"Skills for English"February 20241st Batch28-Feb-24RRFS20240208/01/4
Sharmin Akthary AshaSharmin Akthary Asha"Skills for English"February 20241st Batch28-Feb-24RRFS20240208/01/5
Munni AkterMunni Akter"Skills for English"February 20241st Batch28-Feb-24RRFS20240208/01/6
JannatulMaua TuktukyJannatul Maua Tuktuky"Skills for English"February 20241st Batch28-Feb-24RRFS20240208/01/7
Nundoja Rahman IlmaNundoja Rahman Ilma"Skills for English"February 20241st Batch28-Feb-24RRFS20240208/01/9
Sajibul IslamSajibul Islam"Skills for English"February 20241st Batch28-Feb-24RRFS20240208/01/18
Tuhin HossenMd. Abu Huraira"Skills for English"February 20241st Batch28-Feb-24RRFS20240208/01/20
Tuhin HossenTuhin Hossen"Skills for English"February 20241st Batch28-Feb-24RRFS20240208/01/19
Md.Mahmudul Hasan RabbyMd. Mahmudul Hasan Rabby"Skills for English"February 20241st Batch28-Feb-24RRFS20240208/01/17
Md.Murad HosseinMd. Murad Hossein"Skills for English"February 20241st Batch28-Feb-24RRFS20240208/01/16
A.S.MNajat Islam ShamratA.S.M Najat Islam Shamrat"Skills for English"February 20241st Batch28-Feb-24RRFS20240208/01/14
Mohammad Fahad HossenMohammad Fahad Hossen"Skills for English"February 20241st Batch28-Feb-24RRFS20240208/01/15
Bayjed BostamiBayjed Bostami"Skills for English"February 20241st Batch28-Feb-24RRFS20240208/01/13
Shoma RaniShoma Rani"Skills for English"February 20241st Batch28-Feb-24RRFS20240208/01/12
Mafiza KhatunMafiza Khatun"Skills for English"February 20241st Batch28-Feb-24RRFS20240208/01/11
Aliza AktherAliza Akther"Skills for English"February 20241st Batch28-Feb-24RRFS20240208/01/10
Jannatul FerdousMuniaJannatul Ferdous Munia"Skills for English"February 20241st Batch28-Feb-24RRFS20240208/01/8
Asuraful SiddiqurAsuraful Siddiqur"Six Thinking Hats"March 202405-Mar-24STH20240301/01/28
Md Sanowar HossainMd Sanowar Hossain"Six Thinking Hats"March 202405-Mar-24STH20240301/01/29
Md. Robiul HossenMd. Robiul Hossen"Six Thinking Hats"March 202405-Mar-24STH20240301/01/30

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