LCBS Dhaka Talent Management

 The world is difficult when it comes to securing a good job to build up a prosperous career. When thousands of business graduates are running after those few jobs that guarantee a good career path, why it wouldn’t be?  Without a clear vision, mission and strategy students will find it almost impossible to put your feet into an accomplished organization in their desired roles. LCBS Dhaka Talent Management is your guiding light when you are confused about where to start and how to proceed towards your dream career.

 LCBS Dhaka Talent Management Amenities

 LCBS Dhaka Talent Management is a department with Career Development Forum (CDF), Job Placement and PER support and JobsbankBD. LCBS Talent Management conducts various career oriented soft skills (CDM - 1 and CDM - 2) and relevant technical skills training programs. Trainers encourage CDF members and non LCBS students to participate in competitions and assignments to ensure that they get opportunity to practice the newly developed skills through participating in training. LCBS Dhaka Talent Management team helps students in job placement in different organizations. LCBS Dhaka Talent Management has an own job portal called where Finance and Accountancy based jobs openings and opportunities are being represented for our own students. LCBS Dhaka Talent Management provides the followings:

  • Career Development Forum (CDF)
      • Career Development Module 1 (CDM–1)
      • Career Development Module 2 (CDM–2)
  • Job Placement and PER (Practical Experience Requirements) Support