It really doesn’t matter where you are in your career right now. What’s important is where you want to be – because if you want a long and prosperous career, you can never afford to stop learning. And that’s where we come in.

LCBS Dhaka is the One Stop Solution for business leaders who want to enhance their knowledge, expertise and efficiency in work by ongoing study and acquiring knowledge.

We offer both Long term trainings (Chartered Qualifications), Short term trainings (Certification and soft-skills training programs) and Study tours (available in India, Australia, UK, Dubai, Malaysia, USA as well as other parts of the world as per client’s requirement).

Our World class soft skills training programs will help you to enhance your efficiency at work by improving your required skills; which we are offering with our international partners like DODS (UK),Westminster Explained (UK),Australian Institute of Management—AIM, AVTEG (India), Hummingbird International (Sri Lanka),  and the Chartered Institute of Public Finance & Accounts - CIPFA (UK).

We offer a wide range of training solutions in the area of Leadership, Finance & Accounts, Sales & Marketing, Human Resources, Operations, Interpersonal Skills and Customer Service; which are powered by our International Partners as well as customized by our Local Trainers' panel.

Our training programs are very client oriented and has enough scope to customize. We are dedicated and passionate about improving the performance of our clients with our Training Solutions by reducing their employee turnover costs with focused, meaningful and valuable instruction that will make the difference for client's organization. This will also improve production, reduce employment complains and increase personal performance.