We are the professional qualification tuition provider in Bangladesh with a focus on developing essential skills for students required to prepare themselves for future job market through our Career Development Forum (CDF). The CDF trainers are professionals with work experience in home and abroad and they are experts to deal with young aspirants to plan their dreams and help them to work for the execution of their plan. The trainers conduct various career oriented soft skills and relevant technical skills training programs.  Trainers also encourage CDF members to participate in competitions and assignments to skills through participating in training and then being placed in trainee positions for different organizations to gain experience.

How we do it?

 How to start with us to develop yourself for the future?

You can register for the CDF training programs by physically visiting the LCBS Dhaka campus or online. The link for registration:

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You can also keep yourself updated with various events conducted by CDF by liking our FB page: Click Here