The Certified Accounting Technician (CAT) Qualification is for those who want to qualify to technician level. To gain this qualification you will need to:

  • Complete All (7)  AFD papers 
  • Complete two of three optional exams below
  • Show evidence of 12 months’ practical accounting experience
  • The optional exams are:
  • FTX – Foundations in Tax
  • FFM – Foundations in Financial Management 
  • FAU – Foundations in Audit
  • Syllabus overview

To develop the core knowledge of the underlying principles and the major technical areas of taxation, as they affect the activities of individuals and businesses, at a level appropriate for someone working at technician level.Having covered the core areas of the basic taxes, candidates should be able to compute tax liabilities, explain the basis of their calculations, complete the tax returns and identify the compliance issues for each major tax through a variety of business and personal scenarios and situations.
To examine all aspects of cash and working capital management, and to develop an understanding of the sources of short and long-term finance. To develop the knowledge and understanding of the way organisations finance their operations and plan, allocate and control resources to optimise returns.
To develop knowledge and understanding of external audit and the techniques used in the conduct of external audits. Additionally to demonstrate knowledge and understanding of internal control systems.